Break Out ‘Trainwreck’ Star Amar’e Stoudemire Really, Really Loves What He’s Seeing at NYFWM

We all know that Amar’e Stoudemire, the style-obsessed basketball player feeling, gives no apologies for his obession with fashion. Therefore after watching several shows at this year’s fashion week how was the newest edtion to the Miami Heat’s team feeling in regards to the shows he watched? Mixed emotions, it seems. In interviews on Wednesday, Stoudemire spoke candidly and excitedly the over very different collections from both Greg Lauren (nephew of Ralph) and Belgian Tim Coppens.

“I loved the show—it was one of the most intriguing shows I’ve seen this week,” he said about Lauren’s spring 2016 collection, which was a crafty twist on Noah’s Ark-inspired menswear, where the designer took burlap sacks and re-proportioned them into jackets. “It’s definitely for your hardworking man.” (Hey, takes one to know one!)

Stoudemire expressed that the thing that caught his attention the most about the show was the  element of theatricality.

“I like the fact that it seems like the 70s,” he said noting the tribal element of the collection. “That was a time when the world was very peaceful, and was very about love and peace. And I want to bring that back.”


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