Kendall & Kylie Set Loft on Fire, Take A Selfie

Looks like the Jenner girls are continuing to make a name for themselves beyond just being the younger sisters of the famous Kardishans.

On yesterday, the Balmain line released their fall campaign featuring Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Today, PacSun announced the sisters’ third collection for the California-based, surf-inspired brand. Instead of palm trees and flamingoes, this one, dubbed “Las Rebeldes,” pays homage to the wild, wild west.
As they have done previously, in an effort to promote their new line the Jenner girls shot a promo video reminiscent of a music video. The clothes are priced at $26.95 to $59.95. In one of the featured promos for the line, the sisters face off in a loft that appears to be decorated like a church, the sisters were staring into the camera,  all the while dragging silver arrows down their face, and tossing hats into the camera before lighting a match, which set the loft on fire, and strolling into the sunset. However, the sisters did not miss the opportunity to take a selfie. In the ad, Kylie realizes that flames make for a great background for a selfie.

Well played ladies, well played.


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