Boredom Led One Actress to Launch A Fine Jewelry Collection With Kate Boswort

It  has documented that it was boredom led to Ambyr Childers’s fine jewelry line. The actress behind the unique brand had time off from recording her second season on the hit Showtime show Ray Donovan.(The actress now stars on the NBC series Aquarius).

As Childers waited to figure out what her next move in her career would be she began designing jewelry, sketching necklaces and rings. Coincidentally,  Childers received her tribal card for the Choctaw, a Native American tribe based in Oklahoma, which help to further push the project.

Childers’ stated, “It was a sign that I should use my heritage and use what I’m learning about myself and who I am as a person. I decided to start a jewelry company. I was like, ‘I have no idea how this is going to work out.’ I knew nothing about the industry, but whether I succeed or fail, I did learn something new about a different industry—it’s not easy.”

Interesting tid bit is that, Childers did not just get her Choctaw tribal card, but that she instead built a bond with the members of tribe. As a result, they tribe were very involved in some of the designing of the pieces for the jewelry line. Two collections in, her fall line are entirely inspired by Native American symbols and imagery.

“The fall collection pieces, which we’re launching now, were actually named by the tribe,” she explained to Yahoo!Style. “I sent them my sketches and they would sit down at a council and come up with names. It’s all in Choctaw. I love that the tribe has been so supportive. So many tribes had different symbols and meanings and I’m always going back to them and checking. My goal is to always have that undertone of the Native American feel.”

So far the line has gained celebrity fans like Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens and Maria Menounos. Childers’ official collaborator: Kate Bosworth has been noted to have planned a big part in this. “Kate is a friend,” Childers notes. “Obviously she’s very big in the fashion world. She saw my jewelry one night when I was wearing it at a dinner and she said she wanted to be a part of the company. I decided to bring her on. I still run the company by myself, but she’s there as a supporter.”


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